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...who is a POET??...he is...but a dethroned king sitting among the ashes of his palace trying to fashion an image out of the ashes...
..he is the poorest of the poor..yet he carries an oasis in his heart cultivated by the caravan of his thinking...he is a pauper..but he still pretends to be a ' prince ' in the kingdom of his vivid imagination..
..he only sings when he is starving for he cannot sing if his mouth be filled with food...
..he only raises his hand to beg for he cannot raise his hands if it be filled with gold...
..his wealth is his winged imagination and fictive power to think...and ' thinking ' always acts for him as the stumbling stone to ' poetry '... :) ;)
..he is a tree watered by the river of beautiful thoughts..and carries in his heart a lamp unconquered by darkness..
..yes..he seeks NIRVANA..not by counting coins of gold..but in leading his sheep to greener seeking a smile from putting his child to sleep..and in writing the last line of his poem... :)

...he will be unheard until humans honor the dead and forget the living..for then only upon his ' death '... ' he ' will rule their hearts...and his kingdom will have no ending... :) :) ;)

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

blank page

a blank page 
is God's way 
of telling us
how hard 
it is to be God

blank page
staring at my face
asking me
is writing  really that hard
blank page
my white  canvas of hope
beneath your skin
are hidden infinite poems
every poet's holy grail
blank page
though besides the brook
amidst willows and poplars
why is that nothing inspires me
blank page
now that spring has set in
piercing the darkness of winters
why is there a winter so savage
still within my bones
blank page
staring at my face
while still trying to write
a magpie flying above
shits on my head :(


Kriti said...

You have scratched the skin Rigzin and what I see is great. God knows what treats lie beneath when you dig further. Can't wait to find out. As for me I have been running away from blank pages for a very long time now. Thanks for sharing this with me.

abhishek Gautam said...

You've penned down a miracle injected with the last line..keep sharing the good reads....

Unknown said...

your poems are divine so never leave a blank page... let it be inked with beautiful words....

Rimly Bezbaruah said...

Beautiful Rigzin. You always had an amazing way with words. Blank page and yet so poignant. I'm all blank page these days. Keep it up

usha said...

Keep trying to ink those blank page with your beautiful thoughts. And let that magpie settles in the head..:)

Awaiting for more thoughts to get inked in ""blank page".

Yoshay said...

You have captured a writer's dilemma effectively. One can sense the disconnection between the writer and his need to tap into his creative energy, building a wall between the writer and his creativity. Interesting poem.

Sarvesh Wahie said...

A black page is alive and dwells in eternal silence... And yes there are infinite poems hidden beneath its skin! :)

Simran said...

I can completely relate myself to this. A blank page is so much inviting that it confuses what thought should I write first.

Beautifully written! :)

Jyoti Mishra said...

Blank page staring at me, or I am staring at blank page. Endless possibilities, unwritten words, untold stories. Loved it.

Valli said...

You've written beautiful poem on blank page perspective. Very relatable!