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...who is a POET??...he is...but a dethroned king sitting among the ashes of his palace trying to fashion an image out of the ashes...
..he is the poorest of the poor..yet he carries an oasis in his heart cultivated by the caravan of his thinking...he is a pauper..but he still pretends to be a ' prince ' in the kingdom of his vivid imagination..
..he only sings when he is starving for he cannot sing if his mouth be filled with food...
..he only raises his hand to beg for he cannot raise his hands if it be filled with gold...
..his wealth is his winged imagination and fictive power to think...and ' thinking ' always acts for him as the stumbling stone to ' poetry '... :) ;)
..he is a tree watered by the river of beautiful thoughts..and carries in his heart a lamp unconquered by darkness..
..yes..he seeks NIRVANA..not by counting coins of gold..but in leading his sheep to greener seeking a smile from putting his child to sleep..and in writing the last line of his poem... :)

...he will be unheard until humans honor the dead and forget the living..for then only upon his ' death '... ' he ' will rule their hearts...and his kingdom will have no ending... :) :) ;)

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

the wild flower :) ;)

i don't want you like that
masked as another
i want you pure , free
irreducible you
when i call you
among all people of the world
only you will be you

since centuries

you have been
chained to the roots
of these empty traditions
time and again
you were sacrificed
for being
a mother
a sister
a wife
a lover
for long
you have endured
in silence
for long
you had misery
and tears for company
be a rebel
open the braids of your hair
rip apart the veil
that clothe you
from yourself
come out of the garment
woven by men
stay naked
in your happiness
you are a woman!!!
the powerful metaphor of my poems
you belong to the wild
where no force on earth can tame you
you are a wild flower
go..breathe in the wilderness in the wilderness :) ;)


PORTIA said...

Powerful!I liked it.

Ron said...

Well done! Very poignant

sulekkha said...

A fabulous poem, glad you started writing again.

Sakshi Nanda said...

What a nicely penned piece. A man awakening women to the power within. To shed all social shackles. To Be, Her.

ajay said...


RAN IN JAN said...

I salute your talent

Roy Durham said...

well done my friend well done

Midnight scribbles said...

Very well written :)

seji john said...

good one buddy! But I would suggest to take out the dots, although by using them you wanted to convey your feelings. Sometimes words are not enough to express one's feelings but they are definitely more powerful than dots.

Ismita Tandon Dhankher said...

" dance in the wilderness " it's lovely because of its simplicity and the depth inherent in that simplicity. Beautiful.

Saru Singhal said...

Very strong and heartfelt.

M said...

Beautifully spelt!

Sonam Wangmo said...

Deep thoughts and lovely words...

Sayantini Bhattacharya said...

Very powerful and poignant. I love women-centric poems very much. Also, I loved the words you chose to create the image. Very well written :)

Sri Valli said...

Awesomely written! Very strong and uplifting :)

Simran said...

A big WOW! for this amazing composition.
Powerful expressions.

Though you compose rare yet you write in such a way that people won't forget them for a long long time.

Happy writing, Rigzin :)
My best wishes.

Kriti said...

What beautiful words! Loved the lines "the powerful metaphor of my poem! Nicely done Rigzin!

vaisakhi said...

Such a powerful poem! It reminded me of one of my favourite quotes from one of my favourite shows ever!
"You're a wild flower.
Wild flowers... they grow on the desert. The most horrible place on the planet, because they save their strenght and they wait for the rain to come, and they reach for the sun and they bloom.
And that's what you're gonna do, you're gonna bloom"
Loved it...:)

CRD said...

Simply superb dude!

The sad fact is that most of the time, it is women who are women's worst enemy. There is hardly any support for women from within their quarters, be it family, society, the workplace.. Many a times, women who have themselves been suppressed, do not like to see other women rise. Such mindsets have to change. In a country where literacy is low and education is lower, you can't expect the menfolk to respect women when women themselves don't respect each other.

Well written.


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Mani said...


Rimly Bezbaruah said...

Love you poetry. So very powerful that it touches you very deep inside. Thanks Rigzin for sharing this. Sorry for the delay

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Saru Singhal said...

Such a moving poem. 'Loved it' would be an understatement.

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usha said...

Wildflower and a women??? Good God!!! The strong and uplifting one.. Hats off!! Though you described her as what the world have but gave the end with encouragement to be like a wildflower to fight with the world.. And be free, pure cause she belongs to the wild.. Grrrreattttt!!! 👌