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...who is a POET??...he is...but a dethroned king sitting among the ashes of his palace trying to fashion an image out of the ashes...
..he is the poorest of the poor..yet he carries an oasis in his heart cultivated by the caravan of his thinking...he is a pauper..but he still pretends to be a ' prince ' in the kingdom of his vivid imagination..
..he only sings when he is starving for he cannot sing if his mouth be filled with food...
..he only raises his hand to beg for he cannot raise his hands if it be filled with gold...
..his wealth is his winged imagination and fictive power to think...and ' thinking ' always acts for him as the stumbling stone to ' poetry '... :) ;)
..he is a tree watered by the river of beautiful thoughts..and carries in his heart a lamp unconquered by darkness..
..yes..he seeks NIRVANA..not by counting coins of gold..but in leading his sheep to greener seeking a smile from putting his child to sleep..and in writing the last line of his poem... :)

...he will be unheard until humans honor the dead and forget the living..for then only upon his ' death '... ' he ' will rule their hearts...and his kingdom will have no ending... :) :) ;)

Friday, 21 September 2007


ders a gal so full of life
the things she says,its hard to strive

i like calling her 'Baccha'
her luv fr me is so sweet n 'Saccha'

she calls herself bal hanuman
i knw she's the only woman

i see in her things more feminine
she's an angel n so very divine

things she says are so damn funny
wid her my days are always sunny

she's very fond of teddy bears
sumdays back she was in tears

thats wen i was so moved
makin her luv more n being loved

i have been swept over my feet
widout her my heart wudnt beat

her luv fr me is so cute
wen she's wid me i go mute

thinkin of takin her to the zoo
still am tryin to make her woo

the things i find pleasing
is pinching her n teasing

still she wudnt say a word
coz she means to me my 'world'

thanks fr being so nice
for adding in my life so much spice

things she does fr me hve left me "smitten"
ur luv bug is whts had me "bitten"

lukin thru her eyes
what i see is "Paradise"

1 comment:

tane said...

i'll just die vitout u
i just dont know drs so many thingz to shr vit u bt cant
i dont knw hw to start..............